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For Founders

As a Founder, you are the Head of every function in your business, and that includes Finance.

The language of Finance and Accounting can be mystifying when you are new to it and it can easily feel like something you need to outsource.

I will demystify the principles and language of finance and accounting so that you can:


  • Gain the confidence to explain your business using financial terminology

  • Understand what you will need to build a strong finance function

  • Allow you to be the first Finance Lead in your business

Ways we can work together

Interested in working together?

No obligation 25 minute call to get to know each other and see how I would be able to best support you


Sophie Conaghan

I have worked in-house as the Number 1 in Finance for over 10 years, working directly with Founders and the C-teams of tech start ups.

I now expand my reach in making finance accessible to non-finance people by adding 1:1 services alongside my part-time in-house roles. 

Trusted by Founders and the organisations that support them

Some of the incredible Founders and supporting organisations that I work with

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Let's work together


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